Our dolphin cruise encompasses three unique experiences, described below, that are FUN for all groups and lasts approximately 90 minutes. You may also enjoy seeing dolphins at sunset. If you prefer a more leisurely sightseeing and eco-tour without the speed, check out our 45 minute sightseeing cruise.


Sea Racer crew will give you a narrated tour along the route from the moment you depart. The tour starts out from Salty Sam's Marina and takes you along the Main Street shrimp boat docks where the fleet of shrimp boats unload their catch. Your crew will give you a bit of history and some interesting facts about the shrimp fleet that fish these waters. 


You'll then pass under the Matanza's Bridge that connects Fort Myers Beach to the mainland and then get an up close look at the Fort Myers Beach Coast Guard Station and cutters stationed there. After some interesting facts about the Coast Guard, you'll get a waterfront view of the many beautiful homes and marinas along the way.


Next, we'll look for dolphins playing in the waters between Estero and Bird Islands which can normally be seen up close in the channel. After that, we head out around Bowditch Point (the northern tip of Fort Myers Beach) where we speed things up.

Salty Sam's Marina, Ft Myers Beach

Salty Sam's

Shrimping vessels in Ft Myers Beach

Shrimp fleet

US Coast Guard in Ft Myers Beach

Coast Guard

Returning from a dolphin watch tour



No other tour boat in Fort Myers Beach gives you the excitement of a speed boat ride AND up-close dolphin encounters in one. Typically we see dolphins somewhere along Fort Myers Beach or near Sanibel’s Lighthouse Point. When dolphins hear the sound of our boat they usually chase after us wanting to play.


Often times they will ride in our wake to move quickly through the water without exerting too much energy. Much like a surfer uses the momentum of a wave to propel it forward, dolphins hitch a ride on our wake so that they don't have to work so hard. Other times dolphins are more interested in feeding and won't play in our wake, but you can still see them swimming around.

Then there are times when our captains simply can't find them. Rest assured we will do everything we can to find dolphins.


We might see them near the Causeway bridge, the Fort Myers Beach Pier, or elsewhere between the islands. A major benefit of riding Sea Racer Tours is that if no dolphins can be found in a certain area, we'll fire up our 2 turbocharged CAT diesel engines and quickly move to another place. This cruise covers a distance of approximately 15 miles giving you plenty of opportunity to see dolphins and other marine wildlife along the way.


People of all ages love our dolphin cruise, from seniors to little kids, because it's a smooth, stable ride. While you might get a little sea spray, you're probably not going to get wet.


Sea Racer is the newest and fastest dolphin-tour boat on the beach. It's a 70 foot fiberglass and aluminum boat, custom built by Ocean Rockets and powered by two turbocharged CAT diesel engines totaling 2300 horsepower. This offshore style speed-boat will give you the thrill of being on a speed boat traveling at speeds of 30+ miles per hour combined with the comfort of being on a large stable tour boat that has a restroom and plenty of space to move around.


The boat is United States Coast Guard (USCG) certified to comfortably seat 128 passengers and will take you along Fort Myers Beach and the Sanibel coastline searching for dolphins, while offering you the excitement of being on a large speed-boat.

Dolphin cruise - Fort Myers Beach, FL

Please know that even though our boat moves fast, our captains are trained to ensure your comfort at every speed. We don't make jack-rabbit starts or take sharp turns, and there should be no reason for us to stop abruptly.

See why Sea Racer is the best dolphin cruise in Fort Myers

One look at Sea Racer 02 and you can see that it's a spacious vessel with ample seating. It has a V-shaped hull and there's no shortage of dolphins who love to play in its wake!

To find dolphins as quickly as possible, it's capable of reaching speeds of 35 miles per hour (30 knots). But it offers a steady, stable ride sitting up high over the water.

This is not like a jet boat ride where you have to get harnessed into your seat. We will not be doing 360's in the water, causing your head and neck to be jerked around.

Even through choppy seas, Sea Racer handles waves smoothly. And unless it rains, you probably won't get wet.

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